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Back in February I traveled to Chicago to treat some horses. My family friend’s horse (Callie), and her trainer’s two horses (Ozzie and Sunny). Ozzie was getting nutrition testing because he had been losing massive amounts of weight. He had been seen by the vet multiple times and they were feeding him as much as they could, but still the weight was dropping off of him. My friend was nervous for me to do nutrition testing on Ozzie and to adjust him because he is known for biting and kicking. Ozzie is a HUGE horse, think like race horse size, so his kicks and bites are pretty serious.¬†

I don't have a picture of Ozzie, but here's a white horse ūüėČ Ozzie is white.

When it was time for me to do nutrition testing on Ozzie, I walked up to him slowly and looked into his eyes. And I just got this overwhelming feeling that he was telling me “I promise I won’t hurt you, please help me.” After that, I wasn’t worried about him. I did the MFT nutrition testing on him, and found that he had 2 parasites in his stomach! No wonder he’s been biting and kicking! He had mostly been doing that behavior while he was being cinched up, which is what it’s called when you pull on a strap under a horse’s stomach to get the saddle to stay. I’m sure that was hurting like crazy! Also no wonder he had been losing massive amounts of weight, the parasites were eating his food. Poor guy.

Something That Would Be Hard To Find Without MFT

Parasites, bacterial and viral infections, as well as fungal infections and amoebas are all things I can easily discover doing MFT nutrition testing. These are things that could potentially be difficult to find in other ways. Parasites for example, if you do a blood test to find them, you have to test for them one parasite at a time… there are tons of parasites, so it’s a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The testing I do looks for classes of parasites (and bacteria and viruses, and fungus) so I am able to find infections that are hiding in the body (sometimes they’ve been hiding for a LONG time).

A Story About Accuracy

You may be wondering how accurate this testing is. Here’s a story to help show how accurate it is. I also did nutrition testing on Callie (my friend’s horse), when I went to Chicago on that trip. Callie had been having problems with allergies, she was coughing a lot. And she had been acting strangely over the winter, she was spooking easily and was high strung. I did the nutrition testing on her, and found she had a bacterial infection. I also told my friend that she is allergic to corn, to which she replied, “I already knew that, that came up on her blood test for allergies.” This happens all the time when I do testing on people and animals. Things I will tell them from their testing results will make total sense to them because of how they’ve been feeling, or because of test results they’ve gotten in the past.

I don't have a pic of when I was doing nutrition testing on Callie, but here's one of when I was adjusting her! Side note: Ozzie was also this big!

A Quick Side Story

To make this a bit clearer, I did nutrition testing on a human patient of mine last week. She’s been having nausea all day every day, and she’s been throwing up multiple times every day. The timing for when she throws up is completely random. When I did her nutrition test, I found out that she has a strong bacterial infection, and it was in/on her ovary. This surprised me because I haven’t had that specific location show up for a bacterial infection before. So I asked her if that made sense to her. She said “Yes, totally.” She’d been having lots of pain in her ovary, and had gone to the MD who thought it could be an ovarian cyst that had possibly burst. She just started on her supplements today to get rid of her bacterial infection and I’m thinking she’ll see an improvement in the nausea within a week.

Why I Choose to Do MFT (Morphological Field Technique) For Nutrition Testing

There are so many options out there for nutrition, so why did I choose to go the MFT route? Well initially, on accident actually. I needed continuing education hours a few years ago, and Standard Process had a seminar coming up. I know they put on quality seminars, and it had something to do with nutrition so I signed up. My mom and I went together. And almost immediately, I LOVED IT! It has many things in common with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) ( a therapy I do at my office that many of you are well acquainted with). Then when I got tested myself, by the teacher in front of the whole class, I was sold. Everything he said made sense to me. If you want to read more about what I tested for, read my most recent post, Why Supplements. 

Here’s the gist of Why MFT: It allows me to find out things about patients that I couldn’t know any other way, even if we talked about their history til we were both blue in the face.¬†

It is a quick and efficient way to find out a ton of information. I can find out if you have any type of hidden infection or parasite (which are SUPER common by the way – out of all the testing I’ve done on people and animals… only 3 people have ever not tested for some type of infection or parasite!). You don’t want those things hanging out in your body, do you?!

Here are things I can also find out: any foundation health problems: think digestion, essential fatty acids, minerals, sugar handling, toxins etc. 

Where the problems are: Like the examples above of parasites in the¬†stomach or bacterial infection in the¬†ovary.¬†I find adrenal burnout very frequently. Lots of GI issues. But also unexpected things: i.e. an infection in the mouth, and the patient will then say something like “Oh yea, my teeth have been bothering me,” or “my breath has been really bad..”¬†

Food sensitivities: Things like if you have a hard time processing GMO soy, or pasteurized milk, or commercial eggs etc. 

Toxins/ Heavy Metals:¬†This is also something that shows up fairly frequently when I’m testing. I’ve found mercury, lead, aluminum, and titanium when testing people. Heavy metals wreak havoc on a body¬†and they take a long time to detox from the body even when you’re on the right nutrition plan, it’s good to tackle those ASAP.

Once I’ve found out what you have and where it is, I can then find out how to fix it with supplements. Not only that, but it’s incredibly specific. Let’s say you test for needing an essential fatty acid. There are LOTS of different fatty acids. Which one is the best for you? Everyone’s cells have different kinds of receptors.¬†Think about this… is there a certain over the counter medicine you find you always use because it seems to work the best for you? I don’t use these often, but when I do I find Tylenol works best for me. But Ibuprofen works best for my dad. Ibuprofen does nothing for me. Why is that? My dad and I have different types of cell receptors. His works best with ibuprofen, and mine works best with Tylenol.¬†

The same holds true for supplements. The best essential fatty acid for you, may not be the best one for me. So how do you know which is the best one for you? Don’t you want your supplements to work for you in the most efficient way? This MFT testing does that. For every supplement you test for, I pick the one that is the VERY BEST for your body in each category. If there are 15 supplements that can kill a bacterial infection, I’ll make sure you get the one that will be most effective for you.¬†

Also I will test you for exactly how many of each supplement you should take.

When You Should Think About Coming In For A Nutrition Test

So now you are maybe wondering if you should come in for a nutrition test. When would be a good time? Do you have a symptom you’ve had for a long time and you can’t seem to resolve it? I can help you with that. Maybe you have a specific diagnosis and you’re wondering if a supplement regimen could help you out. Maybe you have chronic bladder infections of Fibromyalgia or Lyme Disease or Hot Flashes etc… I can also test for what is most beneficial for certain diagnoses. We could do a whole test where we focus on your diagnosis and then find the best nutritional support for that diagnosis.¬†

Maybe in general you just aren’t feeling very vibrant. You are taking care of yourself but just feel fatigued all the time, or nauseous more than you should be or you’re not sleeping well. There’s a reason why that’s happening, we could find out together.¬†

Maybe you’re feeling good but would like to get to the next level and feel GREAT, I can help you too!¬†

Moral of the Story: MFT nutrition testing has been essential in my practice. It is a go to tool for me that I use often and that has been very valuable. For my health, my family’s health and for my patients health.

If you want to know a bit more information about MFT, you can read about it on my website here.

Comment: If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them!

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