When Things Are Slow, Or You’re Facing A Challenge, What Questions Do You Ask Yourself?

October 4, 2018 Ali No comments exist

I had a really great business coach for 6 months, and one day when we were talking, I asked him, “How can I be more motivated on less busy days? I’m very focused and motivated on busy days, but then on non-busy days, I lose motivation and drive.” The first thing he taught me was The 4 Types of Motivation, which I’ve already written a blog post on. But then he asked me, “What questions are you asking yourself on those less busy days? Is it a positive question, or a negative question?”

When I thought about that, I realized the questions I had been asking myself on quieter days were ones like “Why am I not busy today” Why am I not successful? What’s wrong?” Now imagine if you were asking yourself those same questions, do those sound like they would motivate you? OF COURSE NOT, THOSE ARE TERRIBLE QUESTIONS! Which my coach promptly told me, haha. He then asked, “What if on less busy days you asked yourself something like “What can I CREATE today?” Guys, the feeling of love surged up in my heart just thinking about that, because I LOVE TO CREATE! I love using creativity to dance, and sing, and to make art and to write this blog and to design etc. etc. etc. I love it! I told my coach, “That’s a MUCH better question, I would LOVE to ask myself that on less busy days.”


He said to me, “Don’t you think you would be more motivated and would accomplish more on those days if you were creating instead of worrying and self-doubting?” Of course, I answered “yes!”

What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

You’ve now heard what my self-questions were, what are yours? Think about it for a minute, when you are less busy, or are facing a challenge, what questions pop into your head?

Maybe even write them down. Now think about the effect those questions would have on your thoughts and your actions. Pretty powerful questions huh?

Time to change your question, creating is a thing that gets me inspired and excites me, what excites you? Do you feel different when you think about your new question? I know I did.


Once you think of your new question, do you think that’s the question that will automatically pop up in your mind when you have a slow day? Doubt it…

Overriding Your Automatic Wiring

When you have a slow day, and those old questions start running through your mind and you start questioning yourself, take a moment to pause. Recognize what’s currently running through your head. Then think about your new question. Take a few minutes and brainstorm with your new question.

I bet when you start brainstorming you can think of lots of things to do on your less busy day.

That’s it for this week gang, short and sweet!

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