Why Organic?

January 3, 2018 Ali


The other day my boyfriend and I were making dinner together. I made a butternut squash. All I did to cook it was cut it in half, drizzle olive oil on it and sprinkle some salt and pepper on top. Then put it in the oven for an hour at 375 (my oven runs a bit cool, most ovens would be 350).

That’s it, the whole recipe. We actually ate the squash as a snack a while after dinner because it got done later than the other food. While he was eating it, my boyfriend kept saying “Wow, I really love this squash,” “This just tastes so good right now,” “I’m really enjoying eating this.”

Guys, while I liked the compliments, I’m pretty sure the reason he liked it so much is because it was ORGRANIC. Baking it probably helped too, squash tastes nice when it’s been baked. But the point is, you can taste the difference when you pay attention, organic tastes better.


We are exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis, chemicals in household items, pollution in the air, preservatives etc. I prefer not to eat chemicals… not sure about you. When I was doing my strict diet for 8 months and was only eating veggies, fruits and meats, and pretty much all organic… there was one day I had a cutie clementine (that wasn’t organic), and I had to throw it away, it just tasted like pure chemicals. Granted, because I was on a strict diet, I could taste subtle things more than usual. But isn’t that scary? When my senses were highly attuned, I tasted chemicals… yuck! I’ve eaten so many cuties in the past, they’re so convenient, I can’t believe I did that and didn’t even know what I was eating.

If you don’t know about the dirty dozen and the clean 15, it’s the non-organic fruits & veggies, with the most and the least pesticide residue respectively. If you’re not ready to jump on the organic train, I’d start there.

dirty and clean foods


I need to come up with a sexier term than “prevention,” it’s such an important thing to do in pretty much all areas of your life, and I preach it all the time, but it doesn’t sound all that exciting right.. I’ll work on that.

I’m sure you’ve all heard these quotes before, amazing that something these men figured out so long ago still isn’t common knowledge, or maybe it is, but it isn’t taken into account with our actions? Maybe a little of both, who knows.

Yes, organic food is expensive, I spend a lot of money on food. However, I am happy to do it. Because I would rather spend more money on my food and do all that I can to stay healthy and save on medical bills later. The price of organic food versus medical bills isn’t even a comparison. Plus, it’s more fun to be healthy and be eating delicious food, than to buy cheap food and get really sick later and be paying medical bills, right? That idea is sexy!


Some ways to save money on organic food: buy it as Costco, I do! They have more organic options all the time! Or in the summer, go to farmer’s markets, I do that too! What a great way to also get local food, and you get to meet local farmers and have the fun of going to the market, win, win, win!

Or grow some of your own food at home, then you are sure where your food is coming from! Being involved with your foods origin is fun, my boyfriend gave me a pasta maker for Christmas & we’ve been making lots of pasta, yum! I’ll do a post about the pasta sometime in the future!

I could write a LOT more reasons, but this gives you a start.

Comment if you like organic food and tell me why! Or comment and tell me where you get your organic food.



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  1. ALL GOOD ORGANICS farm store on Centerville Rd is a real gem. Lino Lakes? Tomato plants I got there were the best ever. Fresh organic eggs and veggies.

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