Would Having a Health or Business Coach Help You?! Read About My Experience as a Coach, and as the Person Being Coached!

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Benefits of Having a Coach: Some might not be what you expect!

As some of you may know, one of my jobs is being a health coach or guide. Which made me think I should write a blog post about Why Having a Health Coach or Business Coach is a benefit. I also had a coach named Tanner, he is one of the coaches for Tony Robbins, I really enjoyed working with him!


Granted, this only applies if you do the kind of coaching I do for people, or the kind of coaching I’ve had myself. This type of coaching is over the phone, and you don’t ever meet your coach, or in fact even know what they look like.

How is this a benefit? I think sometimes we have an easier time talking to someone when we aren’t looking at them, and if we don’t know them personally it’s even easier. Have you ever noticed yourself talking to a stranger, and not quite believing the things that are coming out of your mouth and how honest and candid you’re being with them? My example of this is first dates: sometimes I couldn’t believe how honest and open I was with guys on first dates. They’d ask me a question and I’d just spill everything. I found with my coach Tanner, that I was totally honest with him, I didn’t have to look in his eyes, or see his reaction, so I could just say exactly what I was thinking… pretty freeing actually.


More than you’ll push yourself: When I had my coaching call coming up, I found myself thinking, I HAVE to get these things done because I told Tanner I would, and I’ll feel stupid telling him I didn’t do it. Also I found myself a little nervous before a call with him, because I knew he’d push me to STEP UP to the next level, try the next thing that made me nervous, and would make me grow. There’s no way I’d push myself to that same extent without him. After the call I’d always feel better because progress = happiness. Think about that little math equation for a second, how has it applied to your life?


I found things that I’d been struggling with for sometimes weeks, months or even a year.. I’d ask Tanner about, he’d have a totally different perspective that would make so much sense and suddenly something I thought of as a PROBLEM, suddenly became an easy SOLUTION.

One example: See my post on The 4 Types of Motivation: something I learned from Tanner.

Another example: Also related to motivation, I told Tanner, the days I was less busy at work, I would get SO LITTLE done, and the days I was super busy I would get SO MUCH done even though I had so little free time.

He asked me, “What question do you ask yourself on the days you are less busy?” I replied, “What do I have to get done today? He said the quality of your question determines the quality of your answer, “Why are you asking yourself that? Is that motivating you?” I replied, “No.”

                He told me CHANGE your question. What if on your less busy days you thought “What can I create today?” Immediately when he said that I felt a change in my body, I relaxed, and got a sense of anticipation and excitement and I told him “I love that question!” I am a pretty creative person and that question was intriguing to me. He told me to start asking myself that question when I’m not as busy.

I started using that at work and found I was excited about the days I was less busy now too, because it gave me a chance to create something and work on something new or make progress on a project… like starting a blog!

                P.S I also found through some self-reflection that partly I felt so unmotivated on less busy days because I felt like on those days I was unsuccessful. In my mind, being BUSY = SUCCESS & PROGRESS.

                Changing that mindset has also helped me and I’ve found some of my best ideas come on my less busy days which then leads to more progress & success, the opposite of what I’d thought!

There are obviously many other benefits to having a coach, but thought I’d just get you started thinking with these 3!

COMMENT below and tell me: Have you had a coach for something? What was it? And how did it help you?

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